What could it be? Dr Knap – qualified jewellery artist – examines your unconscious.

What could it be is a jewellery art project and an investigation of making as a way to create meaning. The point of departure is Herman Rorschach's ten pictures, which form the core of his projective personality test. The test was first published in 1921 and has since then undergone extensive development. A projective test method has the task to uncover the hidden information about an individual. The basic idea is that people who are examined show their unadulterated – often unconscious – responses, needs and memories in how they interpret and deal with the test material.
I have studied four of the images (picture one, two, seven and eight) in more detail, by transforming the motifs into objects made of thin copper sheet and enamel. At Supermarket two of the objects are presented. The audience is invited to spontaneous association/reaction to these in order to investigate the interaction as a method for the preparation of future objects.

This performance is a part of a bigger project supported by Konstnärsnämnden, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.